Property Tax Welfare and Institutional Exemptions FAQ

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Property Tax Welfare and Institutional Exemptions FAQ

What is the Welfare Exemption?
What is the Veterans' Organization Exemption?
How does an organization file a claim for the Welfare or Veterans' Organization Exemption?
When must a claim for the Welfare or Veterans' Organization Exemption claim be filed?
What documents do I file with the assessor to request a Welfare or Veterans' Organization exemption from property taxes?
Can my organization claim the Welfare Exemption for prior years? Is it too late to file now?
What documents do I file with the BOE to request an Organizational Clearance Certificate?
Why must my nonprofit organization amend its Articles of Incorporation to qualify for the Organizational Clearance Certificate, which is a prerequisite to qualifying for the Welfare Exemption? The Internal Revenue Service found the wording in our articles acceptable for purposes of income tax exemption.
After my organization receives an Organizational Clearance Certificate, do I need to file a form annually to retain the certificate?
According to the Internal Revenue Service, my nonprofit organization is a section 501(c)(3) organization and, therefore, exempt from income taxation. Why must we file separately for a Welfare Exemption. Aren't we automatically exempt from property taxation?
What are the conditions that an organization must meet in order to be considered a charitable organization for purposes of qualifying for the Organizational Clearance Certificate?
The assessor determined that the property was not eligible for the welfare or veterans' organization exemption. What is my recourse if I do not agree?

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