FurtherProperty TaxAppeal Rights

A decision by an appeals board is final – that is, an appeals board may not rehearor reconsider any application.

If you wish to appeal the appeal board’s decision, you must file a claim for refundwith the board of supervisors (see note below for exception). If the board ofsupervisors denies your claim, you may then file an action in superior court. Youmust file within six months of the date your claim for refund was denied by theboard of supervisors.

Note: Do not file a claim for refund with the board of supervisors if you madeyour appeal application a claim for refund. Your nextstep is to file an action with the superior court.

If you file an action in superior court, you will need the “Written Findings of Facts”and a copy of the hearing transcript as evidence for the court toconsider.

Do you have FurtherProperty TaxAppeal Rights?

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