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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Property Tax Appeal Service

Thanks for coming to our site to find the answer to a lot of our commonly asked questions about our property tax appeal service. We here at Tax Appeal Consultants are passionate about Property Tax Issues, Property Tax Appeals, and Property Tax Reductions. If your Commercial or Residential property is located in Southern California we would like the chance to work with you.

Property Taxes too high? How do you know? Has the value of your property has gone down? If either of these cases sound like you then you might have a good chance to receive a Property Tax Reduction through the appeals process.

We are waiting to help. Put our 25+ years of Property Tax Knowledge, Experience, and Excellent Service to work saving you money on your Property Taxes. Join our thousands of happy customers who have used our easy “no stress” service. We offer a free evaluation and we are paid through contingency fees. So if we don’t win you don’t pay.

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Which counties do you service?

We serve all of Southern California including Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Ventura Counties.

If my property is located out of state or outside of your service area can you help me?

Sorry, no. We currently service six Southern California counties due to our experience in those geographic locales. We have plans to expand into other areas in the near future. Drop us an e-mail at [email protected] if you wish to be kept abreast of our expansion.

Can you outline the appeal process briefly?

Yes, here’s a brief outline:

An informal appeal can be filed for an assessment reduction for one or more of several different reasons. Early on a reasonable property value can sometimes be negotiated with the Assessor’s office. Negotiations are not guaranteed, and reductions are considered voluntary by the assessor.

It may be necessary to file a formal appeal. A formal appeal involves filing an Application for Changed Assessment, and attendance at a formal Assessment Appeals Hearing. At your hearing supporting market data is presented by both you and the Assessor’s Office pertaining to the property being disputed. The Assessment Appeals Board (or Hearings Officer) will consider all of the evidence  presented and deliberate as to whether assessment reductions will be granted.

If successful in achieving assessment reductions, you are entitled to a refund from the County for the overpayment of taxes you have paid.  Refunds will be issued in the form of a check, or as a tax credit applied to any outstanding balance due to the Tax Collector.

Do you have testimonials and references from some of your clients?

Absolutely. We often hear stories from clients who previously attempted to appeal their own taxes. They report that they were intimidated into accepting less than favorable reductions with the threat of having to prepare and present their case at a formal hearing before the Tax Appeals Board. Contact us for success stories today.

You mentioned comparative data. Why is that important in lowering property tax?

The better comparative data you have, the more successful you will be in arguing your case for a more favorable reassessment of real estate value.

What about other tax appeal firms that claim to be able to do the job for a flat fee of $149 or even less?

You get what you pay for. For anything much less than $200, any tax appeal firm simply cannot afford to provide the services needed to get the best possible reasonable reassessment of your property. They will file the initial paperwork, but their comparative data and their commitment to go to formal hearing if necessary are limited or nonexistent.

Do you take on everyone claiming that they are overassessed?

No. We are professional appraisers and practice our profession with a high degree of ethics and accountability towards both our clients and the County Assessors themselves. In addition, some properties are simply not overassessed, despite claims to the contrary by their owners.

How successful will I be if I file myself?

HowardPicBWYour success will depend on your knowledge of assessment appeal rules and procedures, the quality of supporting market data and analyses presented, and your ability to present a persuasive argument in support of a lower value.

Can I appeal my property taxes myself?

Yes. You or anyone you appoint as your agent can file a tax appeal on your behalf.

All I need to do is file a form, right?

Yes and No. You need to file the appropriate forms, certainly, and follow up the paperwork with a formal hearing before the Assessment Appeals Board if you do not agree with the assessor.

Why choose Tax Appeal Consultants to lower my property taxes?

We are seasoned professionals with years of tax appeal experience. All of our consultants are state certified and licensed real estate appraisers. We submit supporting market data and analyses and work on behalf of your best interests, attempting to achieve the greatest tax savings with the lowest possible assessed value. Our appraisal backgrounds and valuation expertise command respect among the county assessors whom we communicate with daily.

How will I know you’re doing the best job lowering my property tax?

We’re professionals operating on a contigency fee basis. We file the necessary paperwork on time and gather all the data we need to get you a more favorable assessment. You can be assured that we will do our best since the greater your tax savings, the more we make. It’s part of our Can’t Lose Offer.

What exactly is your Can’t Lose Offer?

First, we are prepared to go to hearing if necessary, irrespective of the amount disputed. Second, we guarantee that you will save money on your property taxes or you pay nothing.

How much do you charge for property tax reduction?

Typically, 40-50% of your first year’s property tax savings. The percentage depends on your property particulars and tax history.