Proposition 110 – Disabled Persons FAQ

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Proposition 110 Disabled Persons FAQ

What is Proposition 110?
What are the eligibility requirements for Proposition 110?
Can I still be granted the exclusion if I file after the three-year filing period?
What is the definition of a severely and permanently disabled person?
What documentation is required?
What does equal or lesser value of a replacement property mean?
When making the equal or lesser value comparison, is a simple comparison of the sales price of the original property and the purchase price of the replacement dwelling all that is needed?
Can a person with a mental disability qualify for relief under Proposition 110?
I am a qualified disabled person and my doctor says I should move to a different climate for better comfort. I want to relocate from Los Angeles County to Monterey County, but Monterey County says they don't allow base year value transfers from another county. I thought there was a law that allows that.
How do I file for Proposition 110 tax relief?
Do I need to be receiving the homeowners' exemption on my original property when it is sold?
If I receive the benefit of Prop 60/90/110, may I still qualify and claim a Homeowner's or Disabled Veteran's Exemption?
May I take advantage of this tax saving program more than once?
Are there property value limits on this program?
If I decide to build my replacement property, can I still qualify for Prop60/90/110?
If I buy a replacement home with a much higher value than my present home, can I qualify for a partial exclusion?
If I give my original property to my child, can I still qualify for a Prop. 60/90/110 when I purchase a replacement property?
Can two otherwise qualified property owners who have recently sold their separately owned original properties combine their claim when they buy a single replacement home together?
If an addition is made to a replacement home (such as a new room, detached garage, or pool) after the base year has been transferred, can that addition be excluded from re-assessment?
What if my original property contains more than just my principal residence and the land necessary for that residence?
Do I still have to pay the existing, current tax bill on the replacement property or will that bill be adjusted to reflect the new value?
How can I apply for a Prop.60/90/110 claim?


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