Our Property Tax Consultant No Stress Service

TAX APPEAL CONSULTANTS providesno stress property tax appeal services for all types of real property throughout Southern California. We save property owners time and money appealing property taxes. We handle the whole process from start to finish

Commercial, Industrial, and Residential

Our Property Tax Consultants work hard for you.Our service includes the following:

  • We do aPreliminary Assessment Appeal Evaluationto determine your case value — Saves You Time and it’s free

  • We File the Property Tax Appeal Applications — No Stress for you, save time and hassles

  • We Research all data including the Assessor’s files — Maximizes your Property Tax Savings

  • We build a Strong and Complete case for you — Improves your chances of a property tax reduction

  • Proven track record and positive result history — Experience, Knowledge and Hard Work means more money in your pocket

  • We present your case at a Formal Hearing — No need for you to attend the assessment appeal hearing

Property Tax Consultant Fees – No Upfront Costs

Contingency Fee Based*

Our clients are typically charged 25%-50%* of their first year’s property tax savings. Our Property Tax Consultants work hard for you… and there’s no upfront charge until the work to lower your property taxes is done. We also provide a free preliminary evaluation.Tax Appeal Consultants’ fee is not due until after your property tax appeal is resolved.

Guaranteed Tax Savings

How about our Property Tax Consultantsguaranteedproperty tax savings?If we don’t get positive property tax reduction results you don’t pay! That’s right we guarantee your success or you pay nothing! Since 1992, our clients save millions of dollars through property tax appeal by filing to appeal their property taxes.

Alternative Payment Methods

Alternative payment terms include retainer plus contingency, fixed pricing and hourly consultation. Please contact us to discuss these alternatives.

With Minimal paperwork, Contingency fee payments and guaranteed property tax savings, there is no reason to wait. Contact us now! Click Here For A FREE EVALUATION

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*Contingency fee rate depends on property complexity and historical data. Alternative payment terms include retainer plus contingency, fixed pricing and hourly consultation.

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