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Supplemental Assessment FAQ

What are supplemental assessments?
What is a supplemental tax bill?
What is a negative supplemental tax bill?
What happens when the county assessor reassesses my property?
How are supplemental taxes computed?
What other types of properties are not subject to supplemental assessments?
Can I file an appeal of a supplemental assessment?
If an improvement is totally removed from the land, would there be a negative supplemental assessment and refund issued?
Please explain how I could have received six supplemental tax bills.
I purchased a home in February 2008 from an owner who had just purchased it five months earlier in September 2007. I actually received a negative supplemental tax bill for the difference in market value for the four months from the time I bought it until June 30, 2008, but I also received a supplemental bill that was issued to the previous owner! Why am I responsible for his bill?
I received a supplemental tax bill in September. Will I still receive the annual tax bill within the next few months?
If I pay property taxes through an impound account with my mortgage payment, will my lender get my supplemental tax bill?
Lately I have had difficulty making ends meet financially. Can I make a partial payment on the second installment of my supplemental tax bill?
I just purchased my first home. Am I entitled to a homeowners' exemption on my supplemental tax bill?
Are other exemptions available for supplemental assessments?
I missed the 30-day filing period for the homeowners' exemption on my supplemental assessment. Can I still receive the exemption for this year?
I still have questions on supplemental assessments. Who can I call?


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