Find California Property Tax Records

Property tax records in California are held and managed by the county assessor in each county.

How do you Find California Property Tax Records? Keep in mind that even vacant California land can be categorized as real property. Improvements made to owned land are also considered real property. However, mobile property-such as a mobile home or vehicle-is classified as personal property. California county assessors usually have in-depth websites and databases that you can search. All you’ll need is your parcel number and the address of your home, commercial property, or real estate investment. Sometimes the assessor’s office will provide an interactive map that you can search your specific property data on.

What does a California Property Tax Record contain?

Property tax records in a California document the tax roll. This is a publicly available list of all property taxes and property tax related special assessments. The tax roll includes the amount of property tax already paid for in addition to the amount still due.

To access Property Tax Records for the Southern California Counties we serve please see our List of County Assessors