Change of Ownership Property Tax FAQ

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Change of Ownership Property Tax FAQ

What is a change in ownership for legal entities?
What is a change in control of a legal entity?
What property is subject to reassessment if a change in ownership or change in control has occurred?
Once a change in control or a change in ownership has occurred, does this cause an automatic reassessment of the California real property owned by the acquired legal entity?
What is the form BOE-100-B and do I have to file the form?
Why did I receive the form BOE-100-B?
What is the filing period if there is insufficient information to determine if a change in control or ownership has occurred due to the death of an interest holder?
If the legal entity is not located in California or has dissolved, do I still need to file form BOE-100-B?
If the acquired legal entity did not own or lease real property in California on the date of acquisition, am I still required to file form BOE-100-B?
Am I required to file form BOE-100-B if an exclusion from reassessment is applicable to the transfer?
I have already filed form BOE-100-B for this legal entity. Why did I receive another form and do I need to complete this form as well?

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