Property Tax Assessment Appeals FAQ

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Property Tax Assessment Appeals FAQ

What is an assessment appeal?
What is the entire assessment appeal process?
When must and assessment appeal be filed?
If I file an appeal, will I have to appear at the hearing?
What should I present at the appeal hearing to support my case?
I think my property value has decreased over the past year and is now lower than my assessed value shown on my tax bill. What should I do?
What is Proposition 13 Value?
What are the functions of the appeals board or a hearing officer?
When is the hearing officer's decision not final?
I will have a real estate appraisal firm represent me at my hearing. Do I have to provide a specific name of a person to be the authorized agent? I don't know who it will be yet, or if that person will still be there by the time my hearing is scheduled
Since I will have an agent representing my corporation, can my agent also sign the agent authorization section of the Application?
I did not plan to have an agent represent me in my appeal when I filed the Application , thus I did not complete section 2, Authorization of Agent. I have now changed my mind. Should I submit an amended application?
My son will be filing the Application for me. Will I need to designate him as my agent?
What information do I need to provide to support my opinion of value?
If I provide supporting documentation to my county assessor, will the assessor present that information to the appeals board?
At my appeals hearing, is it my responsibility to prove that the county assessor's value is not correct?
I filed an assessment appeal and I am awaiting a hearing date. The second installment of my property taxes is coming due soon. Do I have to pay it even though I am contesting the value?
Must I have legal representation for me at my hearing?
What do I need to do to prepare for my hearing?
I just filed an Application for Changed Assessment, when should I expect a hearing date?
What would happen if I forgot all about my hearing date and did not show up as scheduled? Can I request a new date?
If the county assessor and I have agreed on an assessed value prior to my hearing date, do I need to show up for my hearing?
I am filing an appeal on my property. Is there a way I can find out what comparables or other information the county assessor will be using to support his/her value estimate for my property?
After I filed an Application, I have decided not to go through with it. What should I do? Will I be charged a fee for withdrawing?
May I file for an assessment appeal at any time?
After I filed an Application, I discovered additional data that would support a lower value for my property than what I originally indicated on the application. Should I submit a new application?
I think I need to correct item number 6 (the facts) on the Application to change the reason for filing the application from decline in value to base year value reduction for my change in ownership. How do I go about doing that?
I am unsure if I should designate my application as a claim for a refund, as asked on question number 8 on the application. What are the advantages and disadvantages to this?
What are written findings of facts? Do I need them?
I still have questions regarding assessment appeals. Where can I find more information or who can I contact?
Where can I get information about filing a property assessment appeal?
I want to appeal my property taxes. What do I need?
What do I need to challenge my assessment?
What are the deadlines for filing assessment appeals?
Is there a fee to file?
Do I have to have an Agent or an Attorney to file?
What should I expect?
When will my appeal be heard?
Do I have to attend the hearing?
What is the difference between an Assessment Appeals Board and a Hearing Officer and which should I have hear my appeal?
Do I still have to mail my application to your office even though I used your online program?
Can I fax my application?
Do I have to have pay my property taxes while my appeal is pending?
What is the 90 Day Rule?
Do I need to pay for a formal appraisal?
What is my APN #?
What are Written Findings of Fact?
How soon before I get a Hearing and how will I be notified?
What is an application for changed assessment (assessment appeal)?
Who determines the assessed value of my property and how is it determined?
How do I know what the assessed value of my property is?
What if I disagree with the assessed value of my property?
What is the Assessment Appeals Board?
When do I have to file an Assessment Appeals application?
Who can file an Assessment Appeals application?
Do I have to file an application every year?
Does it cost anything to file an application?
What information do I include on my application?
Where do I file my application?
Do I have to pay my property tax if I have filed an application?
When will my hearing be scheduled?
What happens at the hearing?

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