Calamity Reassessment Property Tax FAQ

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Calamity Reassessment Property Tax FAQ

After my property is rebuilt or repairedfollowing the damage, will my propertytaxes be increased over what they werebefore?
What are the requirements to qualify forthis tax relief?
If my mobile home is severely damaged by fire,do I qualify for this tax relief?
If my furniture was destroyed, can myproperty taxes be reduced?
Do boats and airplanes qualify for thisproperty tax relief if they were damaged by
a storm or fire?
Do I qualify for property tax relief if a stormdamaged my avocado or citrus grove?
I have an avocado grove and, due to thefruit fly infestation, my entire crop was lost. Can I qualify for a calamity reduction?
My house has a cracked slab. Does thisqualify as a calamity?
How does the Assessor's Office determinethe amount of property taxes to berefunded if my house was partiallydestroyed by fire?
Once I file my application, what is theprocess?


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