Disaster Relief Property Tax FAQ

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Disaster Relief Property Tax FAQ

What is disaster relief for property taxes, and what are the requirements?
If my furniture was ruined by a flood or other disaster, but not my real estate property, can my property taxes be reduced?
Do I qualify for property tax reduction if my roof leaked during the heavy rains?
Do boats and airplanes qualify if they were also damaged by the disaster?
What counties have adopted the ordinance to allow reassessment based on the property's damaged condition?
How do I file for disaster relief?
How does the disaster relief affect my property tax bill?
My property and/or home were damaged and the Governor declared a disaster in my area. Do I still pay my next property tax installment?
My house was damaged in an area that was proclaimed a disaster by the Governor. I don't want to rebuild in that same location. Can I buy another house in the same county and transfer the base year value of my damaged house to my new house?
Can I buy another house in a different county and transfer the base year value of my damaged house to my new house?
How is the value of my new replacement property calculated?
What if the market value of my replacement property actually turns out to be LESS than the factored Prop 13 value of my original property?
If my property was severely damaged / destroyed by a calamity but no declaration of disaster was issued by the governor, would I still be able to transfer my old base year value?
After my property is rebuilt or repaired following the damage, will my property taxes be increased over what they were before?
My manufactured home was destroyed in an area that was proclaimed a disaster by the Governor. Am I eligible for any property tax relief?
How do I know the amount of property taxes to be refunded if my house was partially destroyed by a fire?
Once I file my application, what is the process?
What if I disagree with the value as determined by my county assessor's office?
Our home was damaged from a forest fire last September and we had to move out while it is being repaired. Are we still allowed the homeowner's exemption even though we have not returned to our house as of January 1?
My home was damaged by an electrical fire last year, but I don't want to rebuild. Can I transfer my base year value to another house?

Disaster Relief Quick Reference Chart

Revenue and Taxation Code Property Type Type of Relief Available Type of Disaster
Section 70 Real property only New construction exclusion Any disaster or calamity
Section 170 All property types New construction exclusion Governor-proclaimed;
Any disaster or calamity
Section 69 All property types Base year transfer Governor-proclaimed
Section 69.3 Principal place of residence Inter-county
Base year transfer
Section 69.5 Principal place of residence “”over 55 or physically disabled Base year transfer Any disaster or calamity
Sections 172 & 172.1 Manufactured home Base year transfer Governor-proclaimed
Section 5825 Manufactured home New construction exclusion;
Base year transfer
Any disaster or calamity
Section 194 Real property and manufactured homes Property tax deferral Governor-proclaimed

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