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Appeals Board Decisions Refunds Property Tax Information

Reaching a Decision

The assessmentappeals board (orhearing officer) willbase its decisionon the evidencepresented by youand the assessor atthe hearing.

The appeals board (or hearing officer) will base its decision on the evidencepresented by you and the assessor at the hearing. The board will evaluate thesuitability of any approach to value and the data you and the assessor used to reachyour conclusions.

Notice of Decision

An appeals board (or hearing officer) may announce its decision at your hearing, ortake the matter under submission for a decision later; the board may deliberate inprivate. If a decision is not announced at your hearing, the clerk of your appealsboard will mail a written decision to you or your agent.

Tape recordings or transcripts of your hearing may be available; contact the clerk of the board for details. You should request a transcript or recording if you decide to appeal the board’s decision. Any request should be made within 60 days of the board’s decision.

Filing a Claim for Refund

You may be entitled to a property tax refund if the value of your property is reducedand you had paid tax based on the assessor’s original value. In many counties, thetax collector or auditor will automatically process a refund. However, in somecounties, you will need to file a “claim for refund of taxes” form. Check with the clerkof your appeals board at the time you file your appeal application to see if you willneed to submit a claim form.Generally, if more than four years have passed sincethe payment of a property tax, a county cannot refund that payment. As aresult, if a board’s decision on an application occurs after four years since the
date of an appealed payment, the county cannot refund that payment.

Protecting Your Refund Rights

To protect your refund rights, you can:

“¢ File a separate claim for refund prior to the expiration of the four-yearperiod, or
“¢ Check Box 8 on your application to make the application a claim for refund.

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