Manufactured Homes Property Tax FAQ

Thank you for checking out our website information about Manufactured Homes as it applies to Property Taxes. Below you will find frequently asked questions about Manufactured Homes and how property taxes effect you

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Manufactured Homes Property Tax FAQ

Are all mobile-home coaches assessed for property taxes?
If my mobile-home coach is on license fee and I buy my space, can I continue to have my coach on license fee?
Are manufactured homes the same as mobilehomes?
How are manufactured homes taxed in California?
My manufactured home is currently licensed by the California Department of Housing and Community Development. Are there any advantages to converting to local property taxation?
How can I change the taxation of my manufactured home from license fees to the local property tax system?
If I purchase a manufactured home or if there is new construction on the home, will I have to pay supplemental taxes?
What happens if I fail to pay the local property taxes due on my manufactured home on time?
How does the county assessor determine the value of my manufactured home?
I am considering placing my existing manufactured home on a permanent foundation. How will this affect the valuation of my property?
I received my local property tax bill, and I disagree with the valuation placed on my manufactured home by the county assessor. What can I do?
Do I have to file a Change of Ownership Statement following the death of the owner if the manufactured home was held in the decedent's trust?
Does a change in ownership occur when the residents purchase a mobile home park?
I own a manufactured home. Do I qualify for a Homeowners' Exemption?
I am a disabled veteran. Am I entitled to the Disabled Veterans' Exemption on my manufactured home?
I still have questions about manufactured homes. Where can I find more information?
Is there a minimum size for a manufactured home?

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