Solar New Construction Property Tax Exclusions FAQ

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Solar New Construction Property Tax Exclusions FAQ

Has the sunset date for the active solar energy system new construction exclusion been extended?
How does this new construction exclusion for solar energy systems work?
Leases and Ownership: A company has contracted with a local government agency to lease the roof of the agency's building, install an active solar electrical generating system, and sell the electricity to the agency. Is the solar energy system assessable?
A homeowner installed an active solar energy system last year and financed it with a capital lease. The leasing company was advised to report the system as machinery and equipment on their annual 571-L Business Property Statement, and the homeowner subsequently received a tax bill. Is this correct?
If an active solar energy system is installed on an existing structure (store, shopping mall, parking structure, office building, etc.) and the ownership of the active solar energy system is vested in a multi-member LLC, is the new construction exclusion still applicable for this installation, or is the active solar energy system considered to be assessable business property to the LLC? Does it matter if the active solar energy system will be powering general business occupancy requirements or specialized fixtures?
Residency Requirement: The corporate headquarters of a company is in New Jersey, but the corporation owns a building in Los Angeles upon which was installed an active solar energy system. Is the new construction exclusion limited to California residents or entities?
Property Type: Does the new construction exclusion for active solar energy systems apply only to residential buildings?
Initial Purchaser: In February 2008, I purchased a recently constructed home that had an integrated solar energy system. The completion of construction was July 3, 2007. Can I claim an exclusion as the initial purchaser?
If a builder is fully assessed for a newly constructed home on the lien date (January 1) following the date of completion of new construction and the initial purchaser buys the property after the lien date, is the initial purchaser eligible for the active solar energy new construction exclusion?
Filing: Does a property owner have to file an application to get this exclusion?

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