Personal Property Assessment FAQ including Boats & Aircraft

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Personal Property Assessment FAQ including Boats & Aircraft

Business Personal Property

What is business personal property?
What are examples of inventory and supplies?
Who is required to file the Business Property Statement for leased equipment?
When must this Business Personal Property statement be returned?
When does the regular annual unsecured tax bill become delinquent?
How does the county assessor arrive at the taxable value for personal property?
Why must sales tax and freight and installation costs be included in the reported cost?
I am leasing equipment from a leasing company and see that the property tax on the lease equipment is taxable. Please explain why there is a tax on property tax?
Can the county assessor prorate assessments or taxes between the buyer and seller of taxable personal property?
Is software taxable?
What is an Important Assessment Notice?
If I sell my business before January 1 and still receive a Business Property Statement, what should I do?
What if I do not receive a business property statement or Notification of Value form for my business?
I sold my personal property (boat, aircraft, machinery, or equipment) after January 1. Shouldn’t the new owner be required to pay the property tax?
Why did I receive a business property statement (571-L)?
Who must file a 571-L?
Do I have to file this return, 571-LÂ ?
Can I amend a filing after it is mailed?
Does the assessor prorate taxes between buyer and seller when a business is sold?
What if I don't agree with the taxable values?

Boat and Airplane Assessments

Are boats and aircraft subject to property tax?
When and where is a boat or airplane assessed for property taxes?
What if my boat or airplane is out of the county on January 1?
How are values determined for boats and airplanes?
How does the assessor’s office locate boats?
How are airplanes located by the assessor’s office?
If my boat or airplane is for sale and it is consigned to a broker will it be assessed for property taxes?
How does the Assessor Department locate boats and other watercraft?
If my boat is for sale and is consigned to a broker, will it be assessed for property taxes?
When and where are boats assessed for property taxes?
Are taxes prorated between the buyer and seller when a boat is sold?
Will I still be taxed if my boat or aircraft was sold before January 1?
I own two boats. Why did I receive one Vessel Property Statement for one and one Notice of Pending Assessment?
Are boats and aircraft held for rent eligible for the inventory exemption?
Are California registered vessels owned by California residents still assessable when located outside of California waters?
I purchased a boat from a private party and tried to register the boat with Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). They said that I cannot register the boat because of tax problems with the boat. Who should I contact to correct the tax problems?
How are general aviation aircraft assessed?
If my airplane is for sale and is consigned to a broker, will it be assessed for property taxes?
When and where are aircraft assessed for property taxes?
Will I still be taxed if my aircraft was sold before January 1?
I own an aircraft of historical significance. How do I apply for the exemption?
Do I have to pay the full property tax if I sell my boat/vessel after the January 1 lien date?
Should I notify the Assessor's office if I sell or move my boat/vessel?

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