Proposition 3 Eminent Domain Property Tax FAQ

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Proposition 3 Eminent Domain Property Tax FAQ

How can the property owner benefit from the program?
Are there any restrictions on the type of replacement property that can be purchased?
Can I still qualify for the program if my replacement property exceeds 120% of the government's purchase price of the original property?
How soon can I purchase my new property?
When should I apply for this exemption from reappraisal?
Does the exclusion apply only to residential property?
If the property I am leasing is acquired by a governmental agency, can I qualify for the program?
Does the program apply throughout California?
If I purchase a property that has both a store and a residence, will the replacement property qualify for the exclusion?
CALTRANS has a proposed freeway project that has been planned for many years that will include taking my property. Can I purchase a replacement property before it is actually taken?
I am in a redevelopment project area and a private developer has approached me to sell my property. Will I be able to use the exclusion if I sell directly to the private developer?
My original property was taken and I was paid $350,000. I purchased a replacement property for $300,000 and wish to add a bedroom and bath. Will I be assessed for new construction?

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