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You are… ifthe market value of your property isless thanthe assessed value.

If so, Tax Appeal Consultants may be able to save you money by reducing your property taxes!

Property values fluctuate over time. If you purchased California Real Estate between 2006 and 2008, your property is probably worth less now than you originally paid for it. County assessors typically enroll the price paid as a base year value and adjust that value annually by a consumer price index (CPI). The maximum amount your assessed value can be increased under California State Law (Prop. 13) is 2% annually. Unfortunately, the CPI and property values often move in different directions and at different rates.

Under Prop 8, you are entitled to a temporary reduction in your assessed value if the market value falls below the trended base year value. An appeal under Proposition 8 is called a Decline in Value Appeal.

The county assessor is supposed to assess you fairly, always. Unfortunately, this does not always occur. Mistakes are often made, at the detriment of the taxpayer. The only way to protect your right to a corrected assessment is to file an appeal every year you think you may be over-assessed.

Tax Appeal Consultants can help. We will evaluate your property to determine if a lower value is supported. If so, we will quote a fee that is a percentage of the tax savings and contingent upon our success in achieving property tax reductions, credit, or refunds on your behalf. We charge no up-front fees.

We are professional tax agents with a long history of successful assessment reductions. We save you money by disputing your value before the Assessment Appeals Board, lowering your property tax assessments, and reducing your property tax liability. Our success is guaranteed, or you pay nothing!

Put our 25+ years of successful tax appeal service and expertise to work for you. We save you property tax money. It’s our passion. Give us a call today.

Prop 8 – Decline in Value, and Prop 13 – Property Tax Limits

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