Q: What is a Property Tax Attorney?

A: A property tax attorney is a lawyer specifically focused in laws that pertain to property tax and tax assessment.

Property tax law handles issues surrounding property and real estate taxes at the state and local level, including ad valorem taxation. Real Estate Law covers real estate Assessment, real estate valuation and tax collection. A Property tax attorney is one who is knowledgeable about property tax exemptions. In particular a property tax attorney will be helpful for real estate owned by religious organizations, government, educational institutions and nonprofits. They will be able to differentiate tangible and intangible property. A property tax attorney will know the legal limits of tax imposition. Assessment and valuation appeals can sometimes be handled by a tax attorney. But most importantly, a property tax attorney can help if you failed to pay property taxes, tax deeds, and tax liens.

We suggest a property tax attorney in extreme cases such as long term failure to pay property taxes resulting in a lien on your property or even loss of the property.

Is a Property Tax Attorney always needed?

For most property tax cases, an assessment appeal, guided by a property tax appeal professional is the way forward. Your Property Tax Appeal Agent knows a lot about real estate valuation and market data. And your Property Tax agent will have special research tolls and knowledge to get you the lowest possible re-assessment. A low re-assessment gets you the biggest savings in property tax. Get a professional, they will give you the best possible service. While a property tax attorney may know about the laws pertaining to property tax, many don’t know about real estate appraisal, property valuation, comparative data research, and real estate assessments.

If you have a highly technical legal case involving seizure and sale of you real property then you need a Property Tax attorney. But for 90% of the cases out there a Tax Appeal specialists is what you need.

If you feel you need a property tax attorney in southern California, contact Tax Appeal Consultants. Ask for a recommendation from their trusted network of real estate and property tax professionals.

Otherwise contact a professional Tax Appeal Specialist with a company like Tax Appeal Consultants. They will be happy to tell you if you need an attorney or if tax appeal agent.

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