Exchange of Information with Property Tax Assessor

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Exchange of Information with Property Tax Assessor

In an Exchange of Information, both you and the assessor trade the information that will be presented at the hearing.

Either you or the assessor may request a formal exchange of information.

If you initiate an exchange of information, you should submit your request to the clerk of your appeals board or the assessor in writing prior to 30 days before the start of your hearing. In your request, you should include your opinion of value and the data that supports your opinion of value.

The assessor’s staff must respond to your request at least 15 days prior to the hearing with their opinion of value and their supporting data. This allows you to review the assessor’s information, which can help you contest the evidence that the assessor will present.

If the assessor initiates an exchange of information, you must respond to the assessor’s request at least 15 days prior to the hearing with your opinion of value and your supporting data. Note: The assessor may request an exchange of information if the assessed value of your property is at least $100,000. You may request an exchange of information regardless of the value of your property.

At an appeal hearing following an exchange of information, the only admissible evidence that can be considered is the information that was exchanged and any new material related to that information.

If either party introduces such new information at the hearing, the other party, upon request, shall be granted a continuance of the hearing for a reasonable period of time in order to prepare a response.

Note: Some counties have adopted local rules of notice and procedures related to exchanges of information. Contact the clerk of your appeals board for information



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