Lower Your California Property Taxes

Your Property Taxes are Too High if…

  • The County has over Over-Assessed the value of your property
  • The value of your property declined
  • The property records reported to the county are incorrect

How do you know if any of the above situations apply to your property? If you are waiting for the County Assessor to correct any of these situations you may be waiting for a long time. And you may be paying too much in property taxes now. Typically understaffed and overloaded with work, like most government offices, the County Assessor’s offices are really busy. To successfully lower your property taxes you need to get a professional, like Tax Appeal Consultants, on your side.

Two ipads with a website on the screen.We’re successful at fighting to Lower your Property Taxes and saving you money through property tax appeal. Tax Appeal Consultants are passionate, friendly property tax people. For over 32 years, we’ve successfully helped owners reduce their property tax liability. We work with all types of commercial, industrial, and residential real estate throughout Southern California.

California County Assessors often make mistakes, failing to recognize current property values. In addition, assessed values typically increase annually, without a reappraisal. As a result, your property may be over-assessed and your California property tax liability too high. We get property tax assessments reduced thereby lowering your property taxes. Tax Appeal Consultantsspecializes in identifying over-assessed properties and securing property tax reductions with the county. Our staff of State Licensed/Certified Real Estate Appraisers and veteran Tax Agents have decades of experience achieving assessment reductions (lowering property tax liability) for commercial, industrial, and residential properties throughoutSouthern California. With hundreds of millions of dollars in assessment reductions, we maintain a proven track record of successful Californiaproperty taxappeals.

Guaranteed Property Tax Reduction, or Pay Nothing

  • No upfront fees (Contingency Fee based)

  • Full Representation-We Handle Everything

  • Familiarity with Assessment Appeals Board Rules and Procedures

  • Established Working Relationships with County Assessors

  • Veteran Tax Agents and State Licensed/Certified Real Estate Appraisers with Decades of Experience

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Under Prop 13 your property value is reassessed upon transfer of ownership or new construction, and limited to annual increases of 2% maximum. Under Prop 8, you are eligible for a temporary assessment reduction and lower property taxes,if the market value has declined below the assessed value (Decline in Value).
As a property owner, you have the right to dispute your assessed value annually if you believe the assessor’s value exceeds fair market value. Each county has specific filing deadlines, rules, and procedures relating to the appeals process. Knowledge of this data is vital to successfully filing and winning your appeal and lowering property taxes. Legally authorized, a professional assessment appeals firm, such as Tax Appeal Consultants, will handle the entire process on your behalf.
Acting as your authorized Tax Agent, we inspect the assessor’s records for your property, file informal and formal appeal applications, discuss and negotiate assessment reductions on your behalf. And lastly we face off against the County Assessor at a formal hearing before the Assessment Appeals Board (AAB). Having a professional Tax Agent represent you significantly increases your chances of success in lowering your California property taxes.

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