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Property Tax Hearings and Attendance Information


Property Tax Assessment Appeal hearings are not as formal as a court of law. You are not required to havean attorney or an agent represent you. However, you, as the applicant, mustpersonally attend the hearing or be represented by someone thoroughly familiarwith the facts of your appeal. If a representative attends on your behalf, you may berequired to provide written authorization prior to the hearing. Check with the clerkof your appeals board.

Failure of you or your agent to appear may result in the denial of your application. Anappeals board has the ability to reconsider the denial of your application if you showgood cause for your failure to appear, and file a written request for reconsideration bya board-established deadline. Contact the clerk of your appeals board.

If you plan to appeal an adverse decision from the appeals board youwill need to request a written Findings of Fact. Additional fees apply. Contact the clerk of your appeals board for costs. The record made before the local boardis very important in superior court.Hearings are open to the general public. You may find it helpful to observe otherappeals hearings before presenting your own case.

Assessment Appeal Board Hearings

The Board of Supervisors of many counties create Assessment Appeals Boards to sit as the Board of Equalization for the County.

On behalf of the Board of Supervisors, the Assessment Appeals Boards and individual Assessment Hearing Officers conduct hearings on property assessment disputes between taxpayers and the County Assessor in order to establish the assessed value of real and personal property on the County property tax roll.

Acting in a judicial capacity, and acting on the basis of relevant evidence submitted at these hearings and on the laws pertaining thereto, it is the Appeals Boards’ mission to make fair and impartial decisions regarding these disputes.

Hearing Officers Hearings

Some county boards of supervisors have appointed hearing officers to hear the appeals of certain less complex properties. Hearings held before a hearing officer, in many counties, are less formal than an appeals board hearing. Depending on your county, a hearing officer’s decision may or may not be final. If the decision is not final, you, the assessor, or the appeals board may reject the hearing officer’s recommendation, and a full appeals board hearing will be scheduled. Contact the clerk of your appeals board for more information.

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