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Do you know if your Property Taxes are too high for your property, or if your property value has declined?Do you know what to do if property values have been dropping in your neighborhood? Anything happening in your area which negatively effects your property value could qualify you for a property tax reduction and possible refund. This applies to both commercial and residential properties.

We’re property tax professionals and experts. Please allow us to help you. Make use of our 25+ years of Property Tax Experience, Knowledge,and Excellent Service to get your Property Taxes reduced. We maintain thousands of satisfied and content customers who regularly take advantage of our easy “no stress” service. We have no up front charges. And we are able to offer a free property tax evaluation. Even better for you, we are paid through contingency fees. This means if we don’t win on your behalf, you don’t pay.

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What type of representation do you need?Two ipads with a website on the screen.Two ipads with a website on the screen.Two ipads with a website on the screen.

Several options exist for representation in theassessment appealsprocess.

Owners can represent themselves, or hire anexperienced professional such asa tax agent, attorney,or appraiser.

Other real estateprofessionals such asbrokers/agents andproperty managers may possess the appropriate market data, but don’t have the knowledge and experience necessary to file and win an assessment appeal.

CPAs may be aware of the process but usually have neither the market data or expertise necessary.

Though each representative brings a specialized skill set, your particular case may requirea more comprehensive approachtoprepare and present the most compellingargument for a reduction.

That’s where Tax Appeal Consultants comes in.We’re an allianceof veteranappraisers and real estate industry professionals with atrack record of success in assessment reductions. Our representationhas saved thousands of clients millions of dollars in taxes from over assessed property values.

Please note, we are acting as Tax Agents, not appraisers, in appeals representation. We are staffed by state certified and licensed real estate appraisers, however, Tax Appeal Consultants is considered a valuation services firm specializing in assessment appeals advocacy consulting. In contrast, an appraisal is an unbiased opinion of value for which contingent fees are prohibited.

We maintain up to date expertise in real estate valuation, assessment appeal procedures, and property tax law. Most appraisersare notRegistered Tax Agents andmostTax Attorneys do not have adequatereal estate market data or valuation skills.

We bring you the best of both worlds as leaders in our field.

Tax Attorney

A *property tax attorneyis a lawyer specifically focused in laws that pertain to property tax and tax assessment.

*Some tax attorneys have knowledge of tax law, but don’t focus on property tax or real estate law.


  • In depth knowledge of tax law. May be neededin extreme cases where legal action has been taken by the government or a denied appeal is elevated to superior court.

  • They may be effective in resolvingcomplex ownership/transfer issues.


  • A Tax Attorney most likely doesn’t know the ins and outs of Real Estate Appraisal and Valuation which is essential to getting your property re-assessed at a lower value. While they may know the legal aspects of tax law, they won’t have knowledge of comparative market value.

  • Most Tax Attorneys do not work on a contingent fee basis, which can lead tolarge out of pocket expenses (sometimes exceedingyour tax savings).

  • You may be falsely convinced you need both a Tax Attorney and an Real Estate Appraiser to properly argue your case, which is both untrue and costly.

  • Many Tax Attorneys employ Appraisers to assist with the valuation component of an appeal—these fees are passed through to the property owner.


Property tax lawaddresses issues surrounding property and real estate taxes at the state and local level, including ad valorem taxation.

Assessment, real estate valuation and tax collection is covered in real estate law. Property tax attorney’s will also be knowledgeable about property tax exemptions for real estate owned by religious organizations, government, educational institutions and nonprofits. They will be able to differentiate tangible and intangible property. A property tax attorney will know the legal limits of tax imposition. Assessment and valuation appeals can sometimes be handled, but most importantly, a property tax attorney can help you if you’ve failed to pay property taxes, tax deeds, and tax liens, or for complex ownership/transfer issues.

We suggest a property tax attorney in extreme cases such as long term failure to pay property taxes resulting in a lien on your property or even loss of the property.

For most property tax cases, an assessment appeal, is the way forward. Your property tax consultant needs to know a lot about real estate valuation and market data research to give you the best possible service, get you the lowest possible re-assessment, and get you the biggest savings in property tax.

While a property tax attorney may know much about the laws pertaining to property tax, they may not know much about real estate appraisal, property valuation, comparative data research, and real estate assessments.

However, if you feel you need a property tax attorney in southern California, contact us and we would be happy to recommend one from our trusted network of real estate and property tax professionals.

Real Estate Appraiser

A real estate appraiser is an expert at assessing the true market value of your real estate, be it vacant land, your personal residence, apartment buildingor complex income producingcommercial orindustrialproperty.

They are skilled at determining if any changes you have made to the property-construction, additions, etc.-have added to the value of your home. They also have available market data to determine how location effects your property’s value.

However, state regulations prohibit licensedreal estate appraisers from doing appraisals on a contingent fee basis, whereinfees are tied to a predetermined outcome – such as winning an appeal for a lower assessed value.In addition, most a real estate appraiserare not familiar withassessment appeals rules and procedures and have noexperience working withlocal assessor’s staff.

Tax Agent

That’s us!

Tax Appeal Consultants is proud to offer you both valuation expertiseand in-depthknowledge ofthe Assessment Appeals Process andTax Law.

We’re an allianceof veteranappraisers and real estate industry professionals with a proven track record, over 25 years of continued success, representing property owners on assessment appeals in the Southern California market.

We have in-depth knowledge of:

  • Property tax reduction

  • California revenue and taxation code/tax law

  • The assessment appeals process, practices and procedures

  • Filing deadlines and paperwork requirements

  • Real estate valuation-that means getting your property properly reassessed.

  • Comparables and market data-again, essential to property value reassessment.

  • How to present a case to the County Assessor and State Board of Equalization. They know us and trust our record of integrity and expertise.

If you still have questions regarding which type of tax or real estate professional you’re in need of, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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