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Los Angeles County is the most populous of California’s 58 counties, with a commensurate number of real estate properties, therefore a substantial property tax base.

  • The general 1% rate applies to Los Angeles County Property Tax.

  • Los Angeles County Property Tax lien date for the following fiscal year (July 1 – June 30): January 1

  • Los Angeles County Petition period for Assessment Appeals: July 2 – November 30

  • Other deadlines and filing periods may apply.

A Quick Overview of Los Angeles County Property Tax

Your Los Angeles County property tax bill is created by the combined efforts and accounting of three offices- The Assessor, The Auditor-Controller, and The Treasurer/Tax Collector.

Los Angeles County Assessor

Los Angeles County property tax, like all property tax is determined by first finding your real estate’s assessed value. The Los Angeles County Assessor sets the assessed value of property, appraising its value using applicable California laws. That assessed value is placed on a list including other properties in Los Angeles County. This list is called the Assessment Roll. Assessors figure out which exemptions apply to you and implement them appropriately on the Assessment Roll. The Assessment Roll goes to the Los Angeles County Auditor-Controller where it is reviewed.

Los Angeles County Auditor-Controller

Direct assessments are added to the Assessment Roll by the the Los Angeles County Auditor-Controller. The LAC Auditor/Controller then applies the applicable property tax rates- the 1% levy set by Prop 13 as well as any voter-approved local debt service tax rates to the value, creating the Extended Assessment Roll. The Extended Roll goes to the Los Angeles County Treasurer and Tax Collector who manages the tax bill distribution, payments, and collections.

Los Angeles County Treasurer and Tax Collector

When the Los Angeles County Treasurer and Tax Collector get the Extended Roll, they print and send the property tax bills out to the LA County property owners. The Treasurer and Tax Collector collects the taxes- both secured and unsecured. What are secured taxes? Taxes on real property like homes, apartments, office buildings, and even vacant land. Unsecured taxes are derived from assessments for things like furniture, office equipment, planes, and boats.

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