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New Construction FAQ possible Property Tax Reduction

In general, what is considered assessable (taxable) new construction?
What is new construction?
If I add area (square footage) to my home, will the increase in my assessed value be based on the new square footage of the addition, or will it cause a reappraisal of the entire property, including the land?
Will extensive rehabilitation of my home cause a reappraisal (reassessment) of the entire structure?
Can you give me some examples of what new construction is, or is not, under each of the categories of physically altering land, improvement, or fixture?
Are there any exclusions related to new construction assessments?
What happens to the assessed value of my property when there is new construction?
How does the added value for new construction affect my taxes?
How does the Assessor's Office know when new construction has occurred on a property?
How does the Assessor arrive at the added value for new construction?
If I am an owner-builder, will my actual costs be accepted as the value of the new construction?
Shortly after I filed for a building permit, I received a Property Owner's Statement on New Construction from the Assessor's Office, requesting information about the new construction. What does the Assessor use this information for?
If I complete and return the Property Owner's Statement on New Construction timely will an appraiser visit my property?
If the actual physical description of my property differs from the Assessor's records, what needs to be done to have the Assessor's records corrected?
If I notify the Assessor of an error in the physical description of my property, will this cause a reassessment of my property?
What do I do if I disagree with the assessed value of my new construction?
What if I don't agree with the assessed value placed on the new construction?
I just completed a new master bedroom and bath addition to my home. How did the county assessor become aware of my new construction?
How would my property taxes change if I enlarge the square footage of my family room and kitchen, add a patio, and replace my shake roof with a tile roof?
Will my assessment increase when I replace floor coverings, windows or a roof?
Will the new construction on my home be considered a remodel if I leave the existing foundation and one wall standing?
How would my property taxes change if I tore down my existing home and built a new house in its place? Would it make a difference if I tore everything down and left one wall up?
Does rehabilitation work on my home count as new construction?
Will the remodel of my kitchen or bathroom trigger a reassessment?
If a kitchen is extensively altered by adding built-ins, extending countertops, adding new cabinets and removing or adding portions of walls, is this considered new construction?
What are some other alterations that may be considered new construction?
I just installed solar heating panels on my roof to heat my swimming pool water. Is this excluded from new construction assessment because it is an active solar energy system?
How do you value a new building that is under construction during a period encompassing several lien dates?
When is new construction considered complete?
I took out a building permit to add on a family room downstairs and a complete second story, which will consist of two bedrooms and two baths. I will be doing most of the work myself and will finish the family room first, but will slowly work on the upstairs as time permits. Will the new construction value be added to my assessed value after everything is done?
What are some other alterations that are not considered new construction?
Is the renovation of a commercial office building to suit a new tenant by moving partitions, painting, re-carpeting and relocating electrical and telephone jacks or lines considered alterations to improvements requiring new construction reassessments?
I did some structural work to both the inside and outside of my home to accommodate wheelchair accessibility for my mother, who lives with us. Will this new construction be assessed? Does it matter that my mother does not own the home?
Legally, I must have a bathroom that is accessible to the physically disabled in my small restaurant. If I were to renovate the two single bathrooms that I currently have, they would be unusable for a substantial period of time. Thus, it would be easier to add a new bathroom that would accommodate the disabled. Would the addition of a new bathroom qualify for the disabled persons' accessibility exclusion?
My husband has recently become wheelchair-bound. We own a home with one small bathroom and no family room. In addition to installing a ramp, we would like to add a usable bathroom for him and a family room since the living room is very small and it is difficult for him to get around in it. Would both of these additions be excluded from new construction assessment under the disabled persons' accessibility exclusion?
We were renting a home but now it is not adequate for my young daughter, who is in a wheelchair. We are now ready to buy or build a new home with wheelchair accessibility. Are there disabled persons' exclusions available to us?
I still have questions on new construction. Who can I contact?
How does this new construction exclusion for solar energy systems work?
Recently I added an active solar energy system to a home that I have owned for 10 years. Do I need to complete any form or notify the assessor that I have installed an active solar energy system to receive the exclusion?
Last year I purchased a new home from a builder that included an active solar energy system. Now the developer has sent me a form called the Initial Purchaser Claim for Solar Energy System New Construction Exclusion. What is the purpose of this form and where do I send it?
Will my assessment increase when I replace floor coverings, windows or a roof?
How does the demolition of a structure on my property affect the assessment?

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