Thinking about how you can not pay property taxes?

Also known as, “How can I get out of paying my property taxes?”

Well, the easy answer is become a renter and not a property owner. If that’s not an option then make sure the value assigned to your property by the county is fair and correct. And read on…

If you are a property owner then you know the saying about death and taxes. This is certainly true if you live in southern California. We got help from Proposition 13 in the way it caps the maximum rate at which property taxes can increase. But it can’t help contain the property value increases and decreases.

We all like it when our property value increases. It’s great, our property is worth more. But this means our property taxes go up too. And unfortunately there’s no way to avoid paying increased property taxes. The best you can do is make sure you are paying the correct tax for the correct value of your property.

One of the “joys” of property ownership is property taxes. While many enjoy the benefits of property ownership, few would call property taxes a joy. There’s not much you can do about them. But there is something.

You can refuse to pay your property taxes attempting to “teach the county a lesson”. This ill-advised move will only lead to trouble. The County will eventually collect their tax. They will also penalize you in a lump sum and add interest to the amount due continuing to do so until you relinquish payment or until the county legally forces a sale of your property. Don’t play the no pay game.

Everyone around you is asking the same question, how can I get out of paying my property taxes or at least how can I pay less in property taxes? Since there is no legal way to own property in California and not be responsible for property taxes, really the proper question should be, “how can I make sure I pay the correct property tax for my property?” and “how do I know what the fair and correct property tax is for my property?”

Reasons why property taxes exist:

  • Top among the reasons for property taxes is local governments receive a majority of their operating money from property taxes
  • Your local streets, schools, new sidewalks, local roads, sewers, etc. often come from property tax money
  • Public community parks are often also funded by property taxes
  • Local government shortfall is often made up with a property tax increase

Property Taxes help grow your local community and in general improve property values. Everyone is for growing their local communities. But the question is, “are you paying more than your fair share?” As a property owner, you only want/need to pay what the law legally requires you pay and not a penny more.

Don’t worry; there is something you can do. If you are wondering how you can decrease your property taxes or if you are thinking about appealing your property taxes then you owe it to yourself to get a professional property tax agent on your side.

You might say, “But I heard I can appeal my own property taxes.” Many people are tempted to appeal their own property taxes. It can be done. But like tuning your own car, repairing your own plumbing leaks, or fixing your own teeth, results will vary.

Some keys points to remember

  • Property taxes actually help improve your local community. So get on-board
  • There is no escaping the payment of property taxes
  • There are ways, without becoming a renter, to make paying property taxes less painful
  • Pay only what you really owe. This is an important point

The bottom line is to get your property taxes under control, you need to use a property tax professional like those at Call Today!