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Proposition 13 FAQ Property Tax Appeal and Property Tax Reduction

What is Proposition 13 Value?
Proposition 13 caps the growth of a property's assessed value at no more than two percent a year. How can the assessed value of my property increase by more than two percent?
How was real property assessed before Proposition 13 was enacted in this state?
How is new construction reported to the Assessor's Office?
Will all building permits cause a reappraisal?
When I build a room addition, is my entire property reassessed?
What is a change in ownership for property tax purposes?
Will most changes in ownership cause a reappraisal?
If I refinance my house, will the property be reappraised?
Will a reappraisal be required when property is placed in a trust?
If a corporation changes ownership, is a reappraisal required?
Can the assessed value of my property be decreased?
What is the value of Proposition 13 to people buying their first home today?
I recently purchased a house, and I'm paying much higher property taxes than my neighbor. How can that be fair?
When I move to a new home, can I take along my Proposition 13 tax base?
Can we leave our property to our children or our grandchildren without them having to pay higher taxes?
I just got my property tax bill and I think the Assessor has increased it more than the 2% allowed by Proposition 13. What can I do about this?
I have just bought a new home and it looks like the Assessor has given it a value that is higher than Proposition 13 allows. What should I do?
I just got a notice of an assessment on my property. Can they raise my tax this way?
I recently bought my home and just got a supplemental assessment notice. What is this and why do I have to pay it?

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